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Here you can stay up-to-date with the latest publications on evolution and phylogeny with our PubMed RSS feed. Or make your own version of the interactive Tree of Life based on your research.

Keep up with research

Our RSS feed from PubMed, the open-access life sciences journal archive, is a stress-free way to stay up-to-date with the latest research. Here you'll find the newest peer-reviewed scientific publications on phylogeny and evolution.

Read a Wellcome Trust feature discussing some of the limitations of using a branching tree as a way of modelling how organisms are related.

Create your own tree

The files from which the tree is built, including XML files, are freely available to download and use in our files from the interactive section. You can edit the XML files to customise the Tree of Life, for example, to add or delete branches.

Want to view your own phyloXML tree on our site? Contact us at Darwin200@wellcome.ac.uk to see how we can work together.

Discuss your edits with other users on the Tree of Life blog, and check back, as we may host some of these modified trees in the future.