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Chemistry is a complex subject, meaning a helpful review makes a difference in the world.  Since AP Chemistry is considered one of the most challenging classes in the AP canon, it’s wise to pick up some additional resources to aid in your studying.

Here are the best AP Chem review books to purchase today!


Barron’s Test Prep


AP Chemistry Crash Course


5 Steps to a 5

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Top 5 Review Books for AP Chemistry

1. Barron’s Test Prep

Written and reviewed by AP experts, the Barron’s Test Prep offers reviews specially made to cater to the most recent exams. 

The AP chemistry exam is equipped with chapter quizzes, comprehensive content review, and even full-length practice tests to get you ready for the real thing, making it one of the best AP chemistry textbooks in the market.

It’s no wonder that Barron AP chemistry has been the most well-known and trusted material provider by schools, universities, teachers, and students for over 80 years. It’s the best AP Chemistry crash for many establishments.



2. AP Chemistry Crash Course

As the name suggests, this AP Chemistry Exam review book summarizes and focuses only on the information you need to know. 

If you’re a student who’s only a week or two away from that daunting exam, this is the best AP Chemistry textbook book for you! 

The AP Chemistry Crash Course does cover all the major and minor topics students are expected to learn in an AP Chemistry class exam.

This AP chemistry crash course also features practice tests and quizzes to mimic an exam and continuously refresh your memory after a few short and straightforward review content.



3. 5 Steps to a 5

The five steps to a 5 AP Chemistry Elite Edition is one of the most popular chemistry review books on the market regarding comprehensive practice problems.

It features three complete length practice tests to simulate the real things, short daily activities to make sure you absorb the information you review daily, summarized but complete information on every page. 

It doesn’t stop there. The 5 Steps to a 5 AP Chemistry review book is also available in ebook versions so that you can study anytime and anywhere. 

There are also multiple-choice questions, diagnostic tests, and a free-response section to get you ready before the actual exam.

The 5 Steps to 5 online platform even has some video material you can use when the reading gets a bit too boring for test-taking strategies.



4. Princeton Review AP Chemistry Prep

These AP review books are Written and reviewed by Princeton professionals. This AP Chemistry review book is, to no surprise, one of the best AP Chemistry review books in the market.

It boasts seven full-length practice drills, advice and exercises on memory retention and focus, up to date to align with board standards and even advice on guessing answers logically.

You also get access to study plans, a list of fundamental equations, and more through the handy Student Tools, which are available online for your exam preparation.



5. Sterling Test Prep AP Chemistry Practice Questions

Offering 900 high-yield practice drills, the Sterling Test Prep AP Chemistry Practice Questions will get you as ready as you’ll ever be for your coming exam.

It’s one of the best AP chemistry books that offers a wide variety of tests varieties.

It was written to give you the information you need and teach you how to apply that knowledge in your exam and day-to-day life.



AP Chem Course Summary

Ap Chem course summary

It is an introduction to collegiate-level Chemistry. AP Chemistry textbook teaches and encourages students to cultivate their understanding of the subject. 

It uses inquiry-based laboratory investigations while exploring the four main big-scale ideas: proportion, scale, and quantity, properties, and atomic structure. 

Examination Summary

An AP Chemistry exam allows students to earn credits for college and is made and distributed by the College Board.

Advanced Placement exams are more often seen in the United States and Canada and are less likely to be experienced by students in other countries

Ultimate Buying Guide

buying guide

Content Structure

This parameter will be assessing the efficiency and comprehensiveness of the way the information is laid out in the book. 

Content structure is an essential factor when choosing a book, much less a review book, making the college admissions process more accessible.

Make sure to check out whether it has experimental procedures included in the course.


Look for a crash course book that fits your needs. Look for a reviewer that won’t replace the stress of AP exams with the stress of the bill. Assessing the value for money of the best AP chemistry book should be considered.

Practice Tests

It’s essential to consider the kind of practice tests the book you choose because it’s not only to test your memory and understanding but also to simulate the real thing. 

It should include chemical reactions and other tests so that you won’t get the answer wrong with the help of the crash coursebook.

Ask an older brother, friend, or schoolmate for exam tips and how they are built out. You will want to find a book that features the same, and check out if they have an AP planner app.

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Online Exams

Not all chemistry review books offer online material. However, it has been a fast-growing trend in recent years. If an online exam is essential to you or is your school’s examination method, be sure to find one with this feature when you purchase an AP review book.

When choosing a book with online practice exams, make sure that the questions have a similar feel to what you usually get at school. Again, the point of these mock exams is to simulate the real thing for your chemistry courses.

Special Features

This is an optional consideration with AP tests. Still, with the expanding number of new biochemistry books being released by thousands of publishers worldwide, most have resorted to giving extra perks or special features (like flashcards) to give them an edge over the rest. It makes your AP classes easier.


Yes. Based on the standards of the College Board, a three is considered qualified, four are well qualified, and five are extremely well qualified. (1)

Yes, exams are never made to be complicated. These are made to ensure that one has adequate knowledge in every aspect of the course. 


It covers a variety of aspects, including a multiple-choice portion and the free-response portion.

Students typically feel ready to take on AP Chemistry after finishing junior or senior high school. 

During this time, students have already had an introduction to the basics of chemistry, therefore giving the foundation needed to comprehend the next steps.

And the #1 Review Book for AP Chem is…

After hours of comparing, the best AP Chem review book goes to Barron’s Test Prep!

Not only is it made by one of the most trusted publishers, but it’s also complete with every minute detail about AP Chemistry. 

Also, the Barron’s Test Prep constantly updates every bit of information based on the board’s changes, ensuring current standards of quality are met.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Barron’s Test Prep

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