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Welcome to WTOL! We’re a news and review platform for basic chemistry and other scientific concepts. If you’re looking for information that leverages expert opinion and fact-based reporting, you’re on the right site.

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Did you know that every hydrogen atom in your body is presumed to be nearly 14 billion years old? That’s because they were created during the birth of the universe. Interesting, eh? 

At Wellcome Tree of Life, we view Chemistry as a challenging yet exciting subject. And we also want you to look at every concept as a fun topic to learn. 

We are a platform dedicated to educating both students and professionals on various chemistry concepts by gathering the latest science news, research, and insights from chemistry experts around the globe.


Meet Justine Linney

An organic chemist from Sacramento, CA, Justine has always been fascinated with evolution, organisms, and the entire chemical machinery on which chemical reactions take place. That drive and motivation, paired with professional collaboration, has defined the entirety of her career.

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