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Learning chemistry isn’t only for budding scientists. Regardless of age, you can equip yourself with useful chemistry knowledge through hands-on fun experiments!

If you’re looking for the best chemistry kits in the market, then you’re in the right place. Our team spent 72 hours researching and testing the best chemistry set for adults!


Kids Science Kit


Discovery Extreme Chemistry STEM Science Kit


Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

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Top 10 Chemistry Sets for Adults

1. Kids Science Kit

Don’t be fooled by the naming convention; this Learn & Climb kids science kit is designed for kids, but older people may enjoy all the same.

With 65 chemical reactions within, you will surely discover your passion for experimenting and learning chem while enjoying! 

The kit consists of a manual and an instructional DVD to guide you throughout.



2. Discovery Extreme Chemistry STEM Science Kit

This chemistry kit is directed towards audiences interested in compounds discovery and chemical reactions.

Unlike other kits, the age requirement for this is higher, so this set for grown-ups is sure to propel your learning more than other chemistry sets.

It contains around 40 color-science fun experimental procedures and supplementary lab equipment and chemicals.



3. Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

Thames & Kosmos is one of the leading brands in producing science kits, so rest assured you’re in the right hands with this one.

The C500 is an introductory chemistry kit that deals with matter (solid, liquid, gas), acids & bases.

It’s one of the best chemistry sets where oldies and children start to learn chem from square one. Plus, they clearly explain the instructions and the science behind each experiment!



4. Thames & Kosmos Chem C1000 (V 2.0)

This chemistry kit from Thames & Kosmos is an upgrade from the C500.

Parent’s Choice Foundation even dubbed it one of the best chemistry sets for kids and grown-ups.

This complete chemistry set is a more advanced version, with all the experiments amounting to 125.

Contrary to the C500, this kit focuses more on food items as the main ingredient, so be prepared to transform your kitchen into a home lab!



5. Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Complete Set

Understanding atomic structures are critical when studying chemistry.

The Happy Atoms chemistry set is one of the most revolutionary chemistry kits for this intended purpose.

You get a 50-atom set to bond and create molecules out of the box. The complete Happy Atoms set is stored in a drawstring bag for easy portability.

Happy Atoms is a premium-class chemical bonding chemistry set no matter the age!



6. Thames & Kosmos Chem C3000 (V 2.0) Chemistry Set

This Thames & Kosmos chemistry science kit is the closest to a complete professional learning kit. Although it does come at a high price, you still get a great bang for your buck here.

This kit includes 333 experimental procedures with extremely premium equipment and materials. The concepts discussed inside this Thames & Kosmos kit are for more advanced learning, so it’s not suited for a child’s age of 11 and below.

Some topics include organic chemistry, electrochemical reactions, and electrolysis.



7. Elenco Edu-Toys Chemistry Lab

Elenco has produced some of the best science kits for kids.

This time around, they released a chemistry kit that beats all others in terms of included equipment.

Having sufficient tools is necessary for learning, so this complete set contains never-before-seen devices like an alcohol burner, test tubes, and goggles.

Plus, the safe-tested 80 experiments hope to keep a child safe from harm.



8. MindWare Science Academy: Bubble, Fizz & Foam Ultimate Chemistry Lab

If you’re into chemical equations and reactions that lead to fizzy, bubbly results, this is the chemistry kit for you.

Using the kit, you can conduct crystal growing experiments, fun fizzy results, and color science — of course, while keeping things highly educational.

The included lab station makes anywhere you do experimental procedures, your own lab.

Concepts are basic, and even a child could grasp the embedded learning.



9. Cherish XT Home Distiller

This chemistry kit is unlike any other. It’s one of the cheapest yet most sophisticated home distillers in the world for advanced chemists.

You can use this chemistry set for distillation, purification, and synthesis. It’s not one of those introductory chemistry sets for a budding scientist. This is for experienced adults (or kids!) who enjoy learning more about the organic chemistry course and other topics related. 

All you need is a lab coat, and you’re a full-fledged chem whiz!




This chemistry set from Wild Environmental Science is the best chemistry kit out there if you want fully compliant and certified materials out of the box.

With the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), you know the items are high quality.

The kit contains 50+ fun experiments that deal with learning green science (eco-friendly experiments), perfect for kids and adults alike. You get to use interesting molecules and metals like zinc and copper!



Buying Guide

buying guide

Complexity Of The Experiment

When buying chemistry sets for adults, it’s smart to seek more advanced scientific kits containing complex experiments. Although research suggests that children are also equipped to understand complex concepts [1], grown-ups are better cognitively developed and would better appreciate a kit that appeals to their more advanced level of understanding. 

Number of Experiments Included

The best chemistry sets include a good deal of experimentations so more learning can be assimilated. Many short and simple experiments are ideal for a child’s age, while the older audiences would like more complicated ones. 

Having a few yet complex and challenging experiments wouldn’t be so bad either. What’s important is that the kit appeals to the cognitive needs of the user.

Levels Of Difficulty & Fun

It would take adults lesser time to learn chemistry than kids would. So an average to advanced level of difficulty for a kit is appropriate for older users. 

Most grown-ups wouldn’t classify “fun” as a parameter for selection, so there’s no imminent need, say, for a crystal-growing activity in the kit. What matters is the concept that the kit imparts.

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Included Equipment 

The number and types of equipment are inconsequential if the activities in the kit don’t require them. Most kids love more stacked inclusions, but only the necessary ones are required for older users. 

When looking for chemistry kits, search for those that utilize all the equipment mentioned in the kit.

Easy To Follow Procedure

Reading comprehension and metacognition is highly dependent on age [2]. While younger users may require more in-depth and clear-cut explanations and procedures, older people can understand procedures that might seem complex or fuzzy. 

So an easy-to-follow procedure is not necessarily required, but adult learners would better comprehend basic instructions for the experiments.

Easy to Understand Manual

Same with the procedure, a manual is ideal to be easily understandable so both kids and older users alike may comprehend the information more accessibly. Plus, a complete and colored manual helps in engagement. 

If an adult learner is new to chemistry, an easy-to-understand manual is ideal to supplement their understanding of the concepts.

Availability of Resources

What good is a chemistry science kit if the resources needed for experimenting are not readily available? 

In selecting the best chemistry sets above, we ensured that each one included resources for every experimentation in their manual. Otherwise, there is no point in the kit if state regulations would limit learners from obtaining the molecules or the reactants needed.

Some chemistry kits use common household items too, which is helpful.


Naturally, the best chemistry set for adults are those that don’t break the bank. However, you have to expect a good value for money for more expensive chemistry sets. 

The price would highly depend on what experimental procedures are included, plus other perks like tools and manuals. The price rarely matters as long as the kit is a good bang for one’s buck, like Thames & Kosmos C3000.


Yes, chemistry sets for kids can be used even by adult users. What matters is the knowledge these people can gain from using such kits. Although, chemistry sets appeal more to older learners if the concepts discussed are more complex and age-appropriate to the user.

Chemistry sets should contain children-friendly and non-hazardous chemicals like uranium dust and sodium cyanide [3]. A chem kit should contain instruction manuals for the various experiments included in the package, the necessary tools & reagents needed for those procedures, and safety gears, if possible.

Yes, you can set up your own Chem lab at home. All you need is ample space, a dedicated room, and a bunch of necessary tools, reagents, and equipment for your chemistry experiments. 

And the #1 Chemistry Set For Adults is…

Undoubtedly, the best chemistry set for adults is the Learn & Climb science kit. It sits perfectly between amply numbered experiments while being a good value for money. 

It’s not only the 65 diverse activities included that make it a great option, but all the supplementary perks to support a child or an adult learner’s chem learning. With this kit, adults are sure to learn chemistry without breaking the bank!

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Kids Science Kit

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