Best Science Kits For Teens

The journey of raising a young scientist begins with getting kids interested in Science, and one great introduction to instill basic concepts to children is by using science kits!

Our team spent 72 hours researching and testing the best science kits for teens if you have a teenager in mind you wish to bask in Science’s wonders.


4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit




LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit

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Top 15 Science Kits For Teens

1. 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

Science experiments are not only supposed to be educational but also aesthetic.

This crystal-growing kit is one of the best science gifts for your teens who are passionate about geology and the arts.

Let them grow crystals from scratch through the wonders of chemistry!

Using simple chemical reactions, watch the combination of ingredients become solid, display-worthy crystals — ideal for social media flaunting!



2. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set

Most chemistry kits teach kids technical concepts, but this National Geographic chemistry kit breaks the cycle by appealing to the wizards within teens!

Experience chemistry experiments like never before.

This set contains 10 magical seemingly magical tricks grounded on scientific principles—a splendid option especially for high school students who’ll perform in their talent show.

Awestruck the audience with the magic of STEM!



3. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit

Robot kits are the most popular STEM kits. [1] Some kids learn as they tinker with things, and if your teen shares the same trait, this is a great science gift. This creative toolbox LEGO kit specializes in teaching mechanical physics and programming to children.

Using LEGO bricks, teens can engage in 5 high-quality robot construction controlled using mobile devices.

Countless challenges and puzzles await once you access the app. Try to get Vernie to use his robotic arm!

This is an innovative kit that is perfect for your futuristic teens.



4. Snap Circuits Light Electronics Exploration Kit

Wiring and electronics are essential skills that every child must master, and this electronics kit can get them there.

Snap Circuits specialize in creating science kits that teach electronic skills. This is their advanced version, and every project they tackle increases in difficulty. [2]

Unlike other circuit boards, the Snap Circuits version is disassemble-friendly.

This is why all the circuits amount to 175 science projects! All they need to do is wire-circuit boards with the right connections.



5. National Geographic Dual LED Student Microscope Science Kit

For younger children and teens alike who are interested in exploring the microscopic world, this microscope kit from National Geographic is one of the best options to get. 

With dual microscope lenses, kids can see bizarre micro-mysteries up to 50x magnification.

Plus, you get to try the magnifying power out on the free microscope accessories like 10 prepared slides.

Also, children can track the life cycle of brine shrimp eggs in this biology kit!



6. Abacus Brands Bill Nye's VR Science Kit and VR Space Lab

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, brings his passion to an innovative science kit that makes perfect science gifts for teens who follow him.

This VR science kit introduces this wonderful world to kids through the eyes of Science.

The package includes an informative 154 info-packed instruction book that houses tons of learning.

For a more immersive experience, you may get a VR to watch the book in action through a mobile device.



7. Elenco Deluxe Learn to Solder Kit

Introduce teens on how they can operate printed circuit boards using soldering tools.

What a great way to reel teens into metalworking!

A clear and detailed manual will walk kids through how to use the soldering electronics kit.

They can explore and be creative on using the station, but adult supervision is advised, especially for untrained teens and newbies.



8. 4M Kidzlabs Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit

Science fiction depicts anti-gravity in the most mind-boggling ways, but this kit allows teens to star in their own movies by playing with anti-gravity magnetic levitation themselves!

Unleash the mad scientist within them through this mechanical physics kit.

Whether they’re looking to make a pencil float or levitate a screw, teens can do it as long as it ties with magnetism!



9. Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit

Kid computer scientific kits are gaining popularity among kids nowadays, and taking one of the top spots is this coding kit from Playz.

If you want to raise a budding computer scientist, a coding kit like this is one of the best ones to get.

It’s loaded with value as the package contains 30+ tools and ingredients for your teenager’s learning.



10. Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog

When your teenager has gotten tired of building Legos, how about you ask them to build a robot?

Thames & Kosmos developed an assemble-able hedgehog robot that will get your teen challenged in building anything else, aside from their own sets of Lego bricks.

The resulting Thames & Kosmos hedgehog ranger robot is clap-operated for an extra fun experience!

It rolls, curls, and tumbles like an actual hedgehog. Want a pet but can’t get one? Buy this science kit instead!



11. Thames & Kosmos Chem C1000

Thames & Kosmos brings their twist to chemistry sets with the C1000.

It’s not your regular chemistry kit that’s all about fun and games.

This teaches teens how to handle lab equipment while instilling chemistry concepts properly.

With 125 fun experiments, investigate food science in relation to the physiology of the human body. 

P.S. Thames & Kosmos calls this their beginner’s complete chemistry set!



12. Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

Einstein began his fascination with Science at the age of 6.

Want to raise another prodigy?

Then you can try this Thames & Kosmos physics workshop!

With more than 300 building pieces, teens can explore building windmills, cranes, and rail cars, to name a few, while teaching fundamental physics lessons.

This Thames & Kosmos physics workshop is a great science kit where teens can create science toys with only their imagination as the limit.



13. Stopmotion Explosion HD Animation Kit

Science kits do not only revolve around a basic kit that teaches STEM concepts – even animation can be considered an artful class of Science!

This Stopmotion kit is unique among all the kits and STEM toys.

Let kids capture breath-taking stop-motion animation with a low-profile full HD camera and let their imagination take over as they create custom animation armatures!



14. Makeblock mBot Ranger Transformable

Robot kits and programming tools are separate things, but the Makeblock kit converges each creative toolbox into one awesome toy!

This high-quality kit teaches kids programming using Arduino C language or Scratch software while an app allows them to control the bots.

If you have a Comp Sci passionate child, then this is one of the best scientific gifts for teens!



15. Thames & Kosmos Architectural Engineering Kit

Thames & Kosmos do not only excel in making chemistry sets, but their engineering and architecture kit also takes Legos to a whole new level. 

Build up to 20 amazing structures and real-world buildings through the 308 pieces provided out of the box.

A 44-page manual guides the teens as they explore the world of engineering.



Buying Guide

buying guide


The best science kits for teens are the ones that resonate with your child’s interests and preferences. Before buying one, make sure you know what they’re passionate about so they’ll be more motivated to go through the kit. Say, if they like solutions or Harry Potter, a chemistry kit might be the best choice.

Level of Expertise/Knowledge in Science

Although a science kit is meant to teach basic science concepts, a certain level of background knowledge is imperative to optimize the learning experience. The purpose of STEM kits is to reinforce their learning on a subject. So it’s ideal for kids with no background on subjects to focus on basic STEM playthings before they try more advanced kits out.

Branch of Science

Some branches are more complicated than others, and you must also consider this when choosing what science kit to get your child. For instance, a biology kit may only deal with microscopy and exploration that incites curiosity, while a programming kit requires critical thinking and knowledge of programming languages. 

This means that buying this for young children might be reconsidered. Ask your teenager about their preferred scientific branch to gain a better insight. [3]

Included Equipment

As long as the included equipment for the science experiments is available, then there should be no issues. Although sometimes, a science kit requires separate ingredients or chemicals, and certain states restrict said chemicals.

In cases as such, steer clear from kits that ask you to buy separate ingredients and go for those that include all the needed equipment for the experiments.

Easy To Understand Manual

A clear manual is a must, especially if the target of STEM kits are children and younger teens, as this makes the learning process and instruction-following more manageable. Moreover, consider their gross and fine motor skills when searching for kits to buy as this will highly affect how they use the toy. [4]

Famous STEM toy companies like National Geographic and Thames & Kosmos give the best instruction manuals in their kits which other toy companies should follow.

Availability of Necessary Resource Materials

Most science toys include all the necessary resources to fulfill all activities included in the package. For some instances where external resources are needed, companies usually provide links to supplement learning. If toys don’t include all the necessary and complementary resources, then that’s a red flag to watch out for.

Always read reviews and the product pages to be up-to-date on customers’ thoughts and perceptions of the product.

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Number of Activities

Ideally, your kit should contain as many activities as possible for the learning to be continuous and consistent. Although, few activities are acceptable as long as they’re descriptive, comprehensive, and lengthy to finish. Look for activities that promote hands-on learning, as these are more effective in getting children engaged. 


Durability is a key pillar when selecting STEM toys. Given children’s naughty and active nature, there is a likelihood that toys get destroyed easily from mishandling. Choose toys with premium or at least high-quality builds. 

Avoid plastic as much as possible, especially in toys for younger, choking hazard-prone kids. However, plastic is considered safe for perfectly conscious teenagers during play.


Ideally, cheaper toys are better since they can help you save more money. However, the price influences the quality of materials that you get out of the box most of the time. 

“Things with interesting parts and well-made tools will go so much farther than a big box of cheap stuff.” — Douglas Bowker, Animator 

The best thing to do is to find the balance between price and quality. An expensive yet effective science kit is so much more valuable than cheap, ineffective toys.

How To Inspire Teens To Learn Science

Inspiring teens can be a tedious task if you don’t have the right tools and the right approach. The best way to get teens involved in STEM is to make them see its relevance and importance in their lives.

Using tools like a STEM kit or toy may also kickstart their scientific investigation as long as the devices are age-appropriate, cognitively engaging, and somehow speaks to their interest or preferences. 

Parental influence is also instrumental in motivating teens to pursue scientific careers.


Learning Science gives them a clear trend edge and mastery over others who aren’t inclined in scientific fields. In today’s day and age, kids are more engaged in STEM than the previous generations ever were. This level of inclination to innovative technology piques teenagers’ interest to stay up to date with the latest tech developments.

The best STEM kits to buy teenagers are those that are age-appropriate to their level of understanding, kits that pique their interest and curiosity, and those that motivate them to engage in further scientific inquiry post-kit exploration. Today, where tech innovation leads the industry, robot or programming kits are the best options for kids and teens.

And the #1 Science Kit For Teens is…

With a combination of scientific exploration in chemistry, tasteful aesthetics, and affordability, one of the best science kits for teens is the Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit! This kit consists of 7 chemistry experiments and a display dome where your teens can showcase their completed projects. 

Not only do you increase a teen’s knowledge of chemistry, but they also produce a tasteful art display they can flaunt to their friends. Indeed, it’s an ideal STEM kit for artsy high schoolers and adults, too!

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

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