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It is never too early to start them young. If you see any inclination that your child is interested in science, then it is high time to get them the best chemistry set for kids.

Check out this list of chemistry sets we came up with, and let your kids start having fun with different experiments.


Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids


Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science Works


Playz STEM A+ Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments

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Top 10 Chemistry Kits for Kids

1. Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids

The first on our list is Learn & Climb science kit. For starters, it has 21 tasks included. 

You and your child can use this chemistry kit and start doing as many experiments together and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the manual. 

There are online demonstrations as well where kids can watch and learn from.

Included experiments are lava lamps, creative crystals, and of course, volcano science, among others.



2. Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science Works

This chemistry set will be a hit for the younger age group as they can bring along their chemistry lab set anywhere they want to conduct chemistry experiments.

They can even create a home chemistry lab with this mind-blowing science kit.

Over 65 basic experiments and activities can do and use fundamental scientific tools like test tubes, a petri dish, and pipettes.

This will allow young kids to quickly create a tornado in a bottle, garbled marbles, slime, super snow powder, and many more.



3. Playz STEM A+ Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments

The kit has STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics-inspired 32 projects your little scientist can do. 

STEM chemistry sets for kids challenge the child’s mind as they work through the detailed, easy-to-follow instruction guide

The kit fits older kids, ages eight and above, where they can do fizzy reactions tasks with adult supervision. 

This is an engaging chemistry set where kids learn various experiments such as the magic school bus and discover secret messages hidden in the instructions.



4. SNAEN Super Lab Science Kit

This fits the younger kids with age range three above since the activities featured are somehow basic but exciting.

What makes it valuable is the 30 science experiments they can do with tools like goggles, beakers, test tubes, flasks, funnels, and many more.

There are also 15 colorful scientific experiment instruction cards provided, clearly showing the steps and scientific principles that a young scientist can read through and follow.



5. Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit

This science kit is for children ages eight and above. There are 19 experiments with a journal containing instructions on how to do the scientific experiments.

All the experiments go through a scientific method using real lab equipment, including three beakers, a high-temperature thermometer, a digital timer, colored safety goggles, a chalkboard lab mat, and loads of chemical reagents.

One thing to note is the awards they got, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, a Dr. Toy Best Educational Toys Award, and was 2016 Finalist for Toy of the Year.



6. Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

This is a different type of chemistry set for kids. It still requires them to conduct experiments, but this will enhance their intuitive minds.

They will learn to make their chewy jelly candies, crystal rock candy, chocolates, lollipops, sugar test, see how everything dissolves.

This is easy to follow since instructions are clearly stated on the 56-page activities and lab guide.



7. Thames & Kosmos Chem C1000

Thames Kosmos promises professional quality equipment that helps you make the most of your chemistry experiments.

Compared with other science kits, Thames Kosmos designed this to work with household items using baking soda, sugar, honey, starch, eggs and proteins, fatty acids, and calcium.

The chemistry set from Thames Kosmos would be fantastic to do with your kids as this requires supervision from adults. 

They can use different chemicals from the periodic table, which these little scientists will enjoy.



8. Educational Insights Chemistry Lab

This set could be your kids’ first chemistry set. It provides educational insights that are very useful for their growth.

The set includes a beaker, 4 test tubes, rack, graduated cylinder, lab glasses, dropper, funnel, and stirring rod.

They can start doing chemistry activities with this set and be out in the natural world exploring



9. Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Lab

This is going to be a handy first chemistry set if your child chooses this. 

They included real experiments and great fun at home or in the classroom.

Beginner scientists will be encouraged more with this mind-blowing science kit. 

These are not simply Ben Franklin toys. It even includes a wipe journal and a write-on-wipe-off handy checklist and action steps.



10. Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set

This is one of those chemistry sets you find young scientists will surely enjoy that. Since this is from Crayola, expectations should be related to colors. 

That part was not turned down since the experiments are with colorful and creative activities. 

There are 50 colorful experiments with detailed instructions. 

The children will have hands-on fun as real scientists as they complete their tasks in their chemistry lab.



What To Look For

what to look for

Instructional Material

No matter how involved you are or how interested the child is in science, getting instructional materials that work is imperative. The best chemistry tools will be useless unless these are used for experiments such as the magic school bus and other organic chemistry activities. We recommend adding a colorful periodic table poster to further stir your child’s interest. 


Scientific research does not need to be expensive. The kit includes easily bought items at a lower price, which is why they should not overprice their product.

The activities may differ, but most often than not, they are most likely, the same. 

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Tools Included

Tools like a magnifying glass, plastic cups, measuring cups should be included in a chemistry kit or any STEM toy for 5-year olds, for that matter. . These should be durable and not just shabby plastic that gets damaged right away.

Most buyers are using the kits in school that is why they are in search of something that will last longer and not a cheap product. You may also add a pocket microscope to your tools. 

Number of Experiments

Chemistry sets are exciting and fun, but the excitement will be lost if you do it multiple times. It will be fun finding out about chemical reactions(1) and inorganic chemistry or even math concepts, but these should be in multiple activities to keep the interest in science. We have the best science kits for 6-year-olds here, too. 


Absolutely. Most chemistry sets for kids have activities that need supervision and also beyond their understanding. 

Guiding your child on how to do these experiments, such as using a crystal growing kit, will enhance their love for science and their parents. However, we do have a list of chemistry sets for adults here

Chemistry is not seen by many as something easy and fun to do. 

With a chemistry kit that will give them hands-on experience on how enjoyable and simple it can be done, their views will be altered. 

Also, this will continue to encourage an already interested child as they enjoy the best chemistry kit they have.

And The # 1 Chemistry Set For Children Is…

Our best chemistry set for kids is no other than Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids.

The Learn & Climb kids science kit is not just focusing on the use of an alcohol burner and other tools that they will be learning in the days to come but on the core values of the best chemistry student.

The kit includes what a chemistry set should contain to encourage a child to keep on doing what they are already starting with. 

Chemistry is not everyone’s favorite, but with the right tools, you are giving your child a nudge towards a bright future.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids

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