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So you think every periodic table poster is the same? Hmm, not really. The content may have similarities, but we are more than definite that there is one that excels. After all, an ideal periodic table of elements poster should include updated information. 

We came up with the best posters available in the market today to give you the chance to learn and enjoy science at the same time.


Palace Learning Store Periodic Table of Elements


2021 The Periodic Table of Elements Vinyl Poster


Painless Learning Periodic Table Placemat

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Top 10 Periodic Table Posters

1. Palace Learning Store Periodic Table of Elements

“Not just the color but the durability.” The manufacturer should be using this tagline. 

The periodic table poster contains all the chemical elements and all the necessary information.

The poster went through a 3 Mil lamination, which protects it from rips and stains. 

Kids are bound to tear papers, but as we mentioned, durability!

This poster is 18″ x 24″ and can be hung with or without a frame.

One part of it that we like is the images representing each element and how these are in real life.



2. 2021 The Periodic Table of Elements Vinyl Poster

Bigtime Signs 2020 Black Periodic Table of Elements is probably the most extensive periodic table of elements we ever saw. 

These posters are best at school as a guide for teachers because of their bigtime signs. 

The material used is vinyl which makes it more durable.

The table is also ready for hanging since there are four holes on all corners to make it easy to hang or display on your child’s room wall once you take it out of the box.

It is updated with all the 118 elements in black background that make the elements visible.



3. Painless Learning Periodic Table Placemat

Like what the brand says, it will be painless learning if you use this periodic table poster. 

It contains all elements, atomic weights, valence configuration, crystal structure, electron configuration, and many more.

This periodic table of elements is made of polyester, making it a good placemat, while the answers to their questions are visible.

Not that tearable, and kids will have fun using these posters. 

These posters can be on the wall or the table with the dimensions of 17.5 x 0.03 x 12 inches.



4. Graphic Education Periodic Table of Elements Vinyl Poster

This periodic table poster from Graphic Education Is one of the preferred visual materials by students and teachers. 

The data included on this periodic table includes element name and symbol, atomic number, type color-coded, state, IUPAC and traditional group names, and electronegativity values. 

This is waterproof, UV resistant, and offers consistent visibility against any light source.

It is worth the money you spend since it is durable and made of plastic(1) vinyl.



5. Periodic Table Science Poster

Young N Refined created simple yet handy periodic table posters. 

The periodic table of elements is great for tutors, parents, and students to learn about elements and everything else about science. 

Teachers can also use the chart as a resource during discussions.

All the elements are color-coded according to the general type of substance that element falls under, and this is classified into ten groups.

This is made of plastic, and the illustrations are in vibrant colors. This is also tear-resistant as this is a 3 Mil laminated poster.



6. Motivation Without Borders Periodic Table

This periodic table is another interesting product. It is two-sided and shows two different levels of information on each of the elements. 

One side has bright colors and has pictures to represent each one which is best for kids.

On the other hand, it has a more detailed insight into the elements with a descriptive paragraph or word form, while the opposite side has explanations.

It is designed with vibrant colors and in bigtime signs as well. 

The poster is high-quality materials, printed on thick, high quality, durable poster board, and protected with a heavy-duty finish.



7. Laminated Illustrated Periodic Table of the Elements

What makes this periodic table of elements interesting is the design on a black space-like background. 

Not the usual wherein the manufacturers are using the white color.

The illustrations are of high quality and show the element, including the scientist who discovered or made the element.

It features all 118 currently discovered elements as well as different diagrams and charts. 

This is also well laminated to ensure that it lasts long. 

The representation of a product is essential so that the student’s focus will be on what the teacher points at and get an answer over the course of time.



8. Chalkboard Periodic Table of Elements

The unique design is not the usual design you see on a periodic table poster.

Instead of the usual lively colors and pictures that catch the eyes, this is more similar to a chalkboard.

One benefit of this design is the organized look. It does not appear cluttered and too crowded because of the pictures, words, and colors.

The background is in old black finish, and the bright white ink is used for the elements to represent resolute learning.

The size of this life chem periodic table is 54″ x 36″; therefore, you can be sure you will see the information you are looking for



9. Spitegru Laminated Periodic Table of Elements Science Poster

This periodic table of elements is one of the eye-catching products available in the market. 

It features smart designs that use every part of the poster to show all necessary periodic table information. 

Kids will have a good time learning all about elements, their use in the real world, and how these existed.

A child will enjoy learning about symbols, names, atomic weight and number, properties, state, human body, real-world iconic entity, and its use.



10. Periodic Table (Usborne Book and Jigsaw)

This is different compared to the rest of the periodic table in the list. Instead of the poster form, this is a puzzle. 

It is made up of a 300 piece jigsaw set.

Kids will have a great time discovering the 118 elements and their uses in the real world.

They will know what the smelly ones are, explosive and radioactive, and a lot more.

It also includes links to websites with videos and activities to find out more.



Factors To Consider Before Buying



Since the intent is to find a periodic table of elements for children, you would need something that will contain chemical elements and colors that will entice them to use it. 

Children are drawn to brightly colored charts and posters most of the time. 

Young children are not yet interested in specific color combinations and designs. As long as they are familiar with the shade they see, their focus will stick to it.


It would help if you had a periodic table that appealed to make sure that the kids using the elements poster would find it entertaining and exciting. 

You can base your choice on what the child is interested in as each of these periodic tables has its designs.


It is also crucial that you check on the size of the periodic table of elements that you are planning to buy.  If you intend to stick it to the wall, you may want to choose the bigger option. 

They are printed in various sizes; therefore, you can find a poster that fits your needs.

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This is an essential factor to consider, especially if you want your child to be familiar with the chemical elements they can quickly point at.

Find something that is durable and not easily torn or damaged like paper. Teachers can use most of the choices we presented at school since they can be on the wall with a pin.


This is another factor that needs to be checked by customers. Since children at school or teachers will use these, the themes chosen should be based on their ages. Various themes are depending on the manufacturers. 

There are even posters that have three different themes available, based on contents and properties.


There are 188 elements and properties written on the table to date, and a customer should always check that information before they make a purchase.

Yes, you have an option to frame your periodic table. 

Only make sure that you get the specific size of the frame and get the measurement of the poster that you are framing.

If not, then you can leave it hanging.

And the #1 Periodic Table Poster is…

Our choice for the best periodic table poster is the Palace Learning Store Periodic Table of Elements. There are many options presented to us, but we reviewed all the factors that need consideration in choosing a chart or posters. 

The description of the elements is imperative to us that they show it precisely and clearly for the students to easily see. The design is another factor we looked at since we deal with children who lose interest in what they see right away. The completeness of the information on the table is another factor we made sure to search for. 

We think this table from Palace Learning is the best poster – you can frame it, stick it to the wall or hang it. Easy as that. A buy worth your money.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

OUR # 1 Recommendation

Palace Learning Store Periodic Table of Elements

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