Best Science Kits For 6-Year-Olds

Getting our kids excited about science is something we should do in our own way. Having fun with science is a great way to introduce them to various forms of scientific inquiry. 

So, if discovering and exploring science is your child’s interest, we listed the best science kits for 6-year-olds that they will surely enjoy!


Creativity For Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium Kit For Kids


Butterfly Garden: Farm Habitat And Live Cup Of Caterpillars


Insect Lore - Butterfly Growing Kit

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Top 10 Science Kits For 6 Years Olds

1. Creativity For Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium Kit For Kids

The Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium is an indoor activity that allows kids to explore the wonders of nature and science.

This kit includes what young botanists would need that will enable them to create their own mini-ecosystem, including soil, sand, stones, figurines, quick grow seeds, and stickers for added decoration.  

Every kid will surely enjoy this science kit as they can layer, plant, and decorate their ecosystem the way they want.

It will not only boosts their scientific knowledge but their artistic skills as well.



2. Butterfly Garden: Farm Habitat And Live Cup Of Caterpillars

This interactive science kit lets kids watch as caterpillars transform into butterflies.

It is an engaging educational activity that enables them to care for and learn about these insects.

Kids can interact with the insects for approximately three weeks while the insects are going through a metamorphosis. 

With this Butterfly Garden, every kid will enjoy growing caterpillars, watch them transform, and set butterflies free to continue their lifecycle!



3. Insect Lore - Butterfly Growing Kit

This is another fun and educational kit that lets kids care for live insects as they go through metamorphosis.

Kids can look on as insects transform into beautiful butterflies for three weeks.

More than just a science toy, this kit provides a glimpse into the world’s most spectacular butterfly transformations. 

If your child is fascinated by butterflies so much, this can be one of the best science kits they can ever have! 



4. Light-Up Terrarium Kit For Kids

This fun and educational science kit is ideal for kids of all ages.

It’s a great way to introduce them to the world of science and make them feel like they’re part of it.

The kit comes with everything the kids need to create their own terrarium, including soil, sand, and rocks, with colorful stickers for decorations.



5. Scientific Explorer's My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit

Scientific Explorer is a fun and easy-to-use science kit that allows your kids to create their own science lab at home.

You can let your kids try various scientific experiments, such as erupting a volcano and growing colorful crystals.

Also, kids will learn about the basic principles behind science and improve their critical thinking skills while having fun!



6. Essendon Slime Kit - Slime Supplies Slime Making Kit

This is a perfect stress relief science kit for boys and girls!

Kids love playing with slime, so this is an ideal kit whether your child is looking for a toy for sensory play, holiday fun, or slime party favor.

So, boost your child’s creativity, develop motor skills, and improve their hand and eye coordination with this fun and educational play!



7. Uncle Milton Ant Farm Antopia Rainforest Ant Habitat

Let your kids take a closer look as ants work underground to build their tunnels.

Kids will surely be amazed at how the ants carry their sand back and forth!

This educational kit allows kids ages six and up to explore the fascinating world of ants and learn more about ants’ life and behavior.



8. 9iuoom Fort Building Kit For Kids

This kids’ ultimate forts builder kit allows them to create their own fantasy world by building various structures such as a cave, play tent, igloo, princess castle, and a tunnel.

Also, playing with other kids or family members helps promote teambuilding skills and how to associate with others! 



9. The Thames And Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit

This fun chemistry kit for kids lets them explore the basic principles of chemistry.

It features a variety of tools and equipment that can be used to conduct experiments safely.

They can also learn how to identify different chemicals by conducting simple experiments.



10. Dinosaur Fossil Digging Kit For Kids

For me, this is one of the best science kits for 6-year-olds, especially if your child loves dinosaurs very much!

Foster your child’s love for science and paleontology in an exciting and fun way with this

Dinosaur Fossil Digging Kit. Kids will surely love digging dinosaur fossils while ensuring their safety with its environmentally-safe materials.



Buying Guide

buying guide

Subject of Interest

Some great science kits are geared toward a specific subject, such as: 

Biology: This may include activities usually related to gardening and growing plants.

Chemistry: This may consist of color-changing chemicals, invisible ink, or growing jiggly crystals.

Physics: Introduces the idea of building a robot or learning about energy and momentum.

Fully Equipped

A good kit includes all the necessary equipment to do a science project. It’s good to have all the supplies to make it easier for kids to do activities at home or in school. 

Step-by-Step Instruction

A good science kit should have a step-by-step approach to be used in a more challenging way for a more classroom-like learning experience.

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One of the essential factors you should consider when choosing a science kit is making sure that the product works properly. This is also beneficial for your child as they will be more engaged in the activities. 

Age Appropriate

Look for an appropriate science kit for your child’s age. Those kits meant for older kids often require more analytical skills and contain hazardous materials, and they might be challenging or unsafe for younger kids.

Price Value

Look for a science kit that suits your budget. Or, most importantly, choose the one that’s worth its price.


At six years old, children should begin to identify elements in their environment that are different from man-made objects, such as rocks, trees, and water. Children will develop an understanding of various scientific topics, such as physical sciences, life sciences, and space sciences. They will also be focused on developing their knowledge of the world around them [1].

To get your child interested in science, you can introduce science in a fun and engaging way by doing scientific activities or giving them science-based toys. One good example is providing them with science kits that will surely capture their interest.

Key Takeaways

Science comes with many benefits to children. But, since it’s a broad subject, you must find something that your child finds interesting. 

Hopefully, you find something exciting on our list of the best science kits for 6-year-olds and up! With these science kits, kids can explore, experiment, and learn some of the science basics in a fun and engaging way. Enjoy! 

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

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Creativity For Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium Kit For Kids

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