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To help you and your students get the most out of the Tree of Life interactive, we've produced a series of curriculum-matched lesson plans and corresponding student worksheets for three key age-groups.

Ages 11-14: Climbing the Tree of Life

Climbing the Tree of Life'Climbing the Tree of Life' is all you need to get your students aged 11-14 thinking about evolution and the relationships between different organisms both today and in the past.

Ages 14-16: Back to our Roots

Back to our roots'Back to our Roots' features a specially commissioned comic strip that will help your students aged 14-16 explore the ancestry of living organisms and understand the classification of living things.

Ages 16-19: Highlighting Important Stages in Evolution

Highlighting Important Stages in Evolution'Highlighting Important Stages in Evolution' encourages students aged 16-19 to explore the Tree of Life in depth to discover for themselves evidence that supports Darwin's theories of evolution.

Other teaching resources commissioned by the Wellcome Trust as part of Darwin 200.

Survival Rivals

Survival Rivals

Free experiment kits for secondary schools

The Great Plant Hunt

Great Plant Hunt

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